Poetry, Unbound

Looking Glass

Bad dreams keep me up at night.
Like two nights ago for instance:
I’m fighting with you.
Trying to flee.
I don’t really know why the urgency.

Then the looking glass spins.
I’m pregnant, crying in the seat next to you.
I’m bewildered at how I could be.
The only time we were unprotected
was two weeks ago.

Then there is a pivot to upside down.
The bodies have fallen down at my feet.
With a swollen belly and sunken eyes,
I’m climbing, running, crying,
but no one sees me, not even the child.

I wake up frightened.
I wake up heartbroken.
I wake up not wanting to wake up.
I wake up wanting the child
but knowing it may never be.

In response to Daily Prompt: Flee
Featured Image: Pixabay – “Nightmare” by werner22brigitte (CC0 Public Domain)

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