Hello and welcome!  I will be your hostess during the duration of your stay.  Feel free to poke around and get comfortable.  I do hope you’ll stay awhile.

I have been imagining worlds and crafting words for as long as I can remember.  Admittedly, I fell out of the craft for a while because I felt I was just “not good enough”.  I suppose with the right catalysts all of that changes, and you’re faced with what you are and what you must do.

Fair warning: I do have a touch for the melodrama.  This is something I have been unable to write out of myself.  At least, I’ve been unable to do so since my creative writing professor in college always bled my papers dry citing this curse.

Instead of writing these past ten years after college, I have been teaching teenagers to write both academically and creatively.  I always told myself “this year, I will write with my students.”  The realities of being an educator in a public institution almost always made that an impossibility.

So here I am.  A bare-bones writer coming back to the craft.  Though I am shy and somewhat socially awkward, I thoroughly enjoy and welcome feedback and discourse.  If you comment on a post, I will respond… it may just take me a while since I have an editor living inside my head.

Happy reading and writing to each of you!


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